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General celebrations

Children’s Day, Saraswathi Pooja, Vinayagar Chathurthi, Dewali & New Year are the other general celebrations that our management celebrates every year to catapult the students towards attaining the attitude of teamwork, cooperation, allegiance and sincerity where all the students are incorporated either in the seminar hall or the Departure spot to accomplish the merrymaking day. The occasion is solemnized in commemorating the purpose of the day. Stage programs and games events would also take place to entertain both the children and the staff.

Saraswati Pooja:

The Goddess of studies, Ma Saraswati, is celebrated during the Saraswati Pooja. On this day, the Chairman, Vice Chairperson, Correspondent, Teaching and Non Teaching Faculties gathered to contribute a Pooja to the portrait of Saraswati when we put forth an intercession to strengthen our students’ knowledge in all aspects of learning which will bring enlightenment in their life and to enhance the prosperity of the students, parents and the Institution.

New Year Celebration:

The Orange Family welcomed the New Year by cutting cake on 31st of December. We welcomed the New Year with so much joy and expectations.

Teachers’ Day:

Teachers’ Day celebration on September 5, was a strange experience for our students. The higher grade students represented our teachers with their dress code and handled the regular classes with a proper protocol whereas the real teachers sat in the classroom witnessing the brilliance and wit of the students. The student – teachers indeed enthralled everyone with their eye – attracting performance. In the afternoon session, there took place a few cultural events and sports activities to entertain the teachers. An array of happiness could be seen in the whole school. The Importance of a teacher is explained to the children by making them take the position of their teacher. The children would show their respect and fondness towards their teachers through their gifts and activities.

Children’s Day:

The Children’s Day was celebrated in our school in the month of November in Honor of our Former Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru on his Birthday; as he loved the children very much. Our students came to school with their colourful dresses as it was their day. The students were engaged the whole day by taking participation in the sports events and Games activities. Our teachers hosted a few stage events to entertain the students.

Cultural Day:

Cultural Day is celebrated every year in the month of February. It has been an “Arena of Champions” where all the students exhibited their talents in various competitions such as Rhetoric, calligraphy, Essay Writing, Poem Writing, Singing, Solo Dance, Group Dance, Mono Act, Rangoli & Food Fiesta. The winners were rewarded and awarded after all the events were over. Cultural day generated energy and aspiration and germinated talents and skills.

Republic Day Celebration:

The Republic Day was celebrated with enthusiastic participation of the Students and staff of the Orange family. Our correspondent Apoorva Sivakumar, B.Arch & Design, UK. hoisted our national Flag. The Students from grade I and VI presented the importance and significance of Republic Day celebration. They also listed out the persons who chaired as Presidents from the first Independence till now and also the persons who visited India as Chief Guests on Republic Day celebrations held in our Capital. Our Honorable Chairman gave the Republic Day Speech and the celebration came to an end with the National Anthem and finally the sweets were distributed to the students.

Religious Festivals:

Orange Family in common is much acquainted in cultivating a different sort of religious fervor for which the management is used to celebrate various religious festivals such as Pongal, Christmas, Holi, Ramzan etc. The students are also educated with the other religious values. Secularism is what Orange believes in.


Pongal was celebrated in our school premises during the month of January. All the students & teaching and non teaching faculties along with the Chairman, Vice Chairperson and Correspondent assembled together to celebrate and dedicate homage to all formers to commemorate the contribution and hard work of people who indulge in agriculture. In the afternoon session, as intended by the management, Pongal was celebrated in the traditional way, by preparing Pongal in a mud pot. This Pongal was served with sugarcane, to all students and staffs. The students enjoyed the day to the fullest and the campus echoed with the fragrance of ecstasy and elation.

Christmas Celebration:

Christmas Time – is always celebration time, Decorations, Dance, Music, Fun, Activities, Of course a feast of Delicacies and Savories –A Day of happy moments and cherishable memoirs. The Christmas tree was decorated, Gifts were exchanged, and a model of a Christ’s birth was displayed.