Orange British Academy

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CBSE Affiliation : 1930913

Trustee & Senior Principal’s Desk

Mr. K.Senthil Kumar – M.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed.,

Senior Principal’s Desk:

Our school “Orange British Academy” has been built with a noble vision to prepare our children for the challenges they face in this fast changing world. It is our desire to pursue this vision systematically.

It is our desire to equip our students with a critical and curious mind so that they will always be willing to learn. Deeply understanding a subject and gaining a mastery over it is essential for succeeding in this uncertain world.

An even more important factor for success is having a value system of respect and empathy for the people around us. The emphasis the school places on our culture and teachings is vital in developing this attitude. The strength of our culture is to assimilate multitude of ideas and to adopt them. Yet we should never lose sight of the essential and central thought of our culture.

I once again ask you to immerse yourselves in learning in order to completely understand an issue and thus gain clarity of mind. Never stop learning. This is the path to success that ensures a deep sense of satisfaction.

K.Senthil Kumar – M.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed.,
Senior Principal & Trustee