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From Correspondent & Managing Trustee’s Desk

Apoorva Sivakumar, B.Arch & Design, UK.

Dear Students and Parents,

I heartily welcome you to enter into portals of Orange British Academy and thank you for making Orange British Academy your choice to pursue your child’s studies and shaping their future. I am sure that this choice will make significant difference in their life.

Here, at Orange British Academy, we look at education differently. For us, education does not lie merely in accumulation of Knowledge. Instead, it lies in the formation of one’s character.

Not information, but formation of character should be the prime focus of educational enterprise. It is our passion and in a sense, it is our vocation. Inspired by the experience of our parents, who were dedicated teachers, we want to contribute to the society through our educational institutions.

As the administrative head of the Institutions, I make enormous effort to make the learning in Orange British Academy unique and interesting. To this end, we recruit competent teaching faculty who have the skills to teach & guide your child.

Teaching is not about depositing facts and figures. Instead, it is about critical thinking and analytical skills. Realizing innovation as the engine that drives growth, our faculties make effort to be innovative in the way they teach and evaluate the learning. More importantly, our faculty will accompany in your child’s growth.

Success in life, I feel, is not measured by the money you earn and comfort you give, but it is measured by how you handle yourself and relate to others. All their education must make their life meaningful not only to them, but also to others. This is what we aim at in our school.

With best wishes,

Apoorva Sivakumar, B.Arch & Design, UK.
Managing Trustee cum Correspondent,
Orange British Academy